Tapping into the value of customer loyalty


A well-executed loyalty programme
engages customers and enhances returns.

But how do you balance your loyalty gains
against your programme costs?

With over 30 years in the loyalty sector, we have a long history of delivering a strong return on our partners’ investment. Through a combination of tried-and-tested loyalty strategies, the backing of a global airline network and our aspirational travel rewards, we consistently improve customer loyalty and profitability across a breathtaking range of partnerships.


Avios delivers tangible return on investment across a number of measures, ranging from customer acquisition and retention to spend and satisfaction.


Avios has commissioned an independent whitepaper exploring how to improve the value of your loyal customers, covering everything from reward strategies and benchmarking to programme costs and ROI theories.

"Finding the right loyalty programme for your business, and proving its worth with accurate benchmarking, is key to long-lasting commercial success"Chris Treadwell, Avios Commercial Director

Maximising the return on your loyalty investment

When loyalty programmes are tailored to your brand and your target market they can be very profitable indeed.
However, such programmes come at a cost, and there’s a fine line between rewarding customers and adding value to your business. Rewarding too frequently can put a strain on your budget, while not rewarding enough can diminish the impact of your programme and its returns.

We have commissioned an independent whitepaper to pinpoint the variables and identify tangible ways to optimise the value of your loyalty investment.

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To discover how Avios improves loyalty ROI by sector, choose from the following case studies:

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